In a personal relationship, TRUST is vital. Similarly, when I sell tickets through an authorized outlet, there’s a trust factor as well. Via social media, I’ve had many people complain and accuse outlets of scalping tickets and/or not putting all of the tickets given to them on sale. Some people can’t believe that RETURN FETE could sell out in a couple days.

Let’s put it into perspective. DCALXX sold out in 8 days. Quite a few people were disappointed and had to settle with purchasing from a scalper. RETURN FETE was announced prior and will feature MACHEL MONTANO. People were prepared and didn’t stick on getting their tickets. I told every outlet to put a limit on the amount sold to each customer. Sound Academy and Koolhaus don’t have the same capacity. When you factor all of this, yes RETURN FETE 2015 is SOLD OUT. However I have an idea.

For future fetes, I will launch a “socaprince” app and try to monitor sales that way. However not everyone who comes to our events is tech savvy like that, which is one of the reasons why we don’t sell ALL the tickets online. Many people prefer to purchase a “hard ticket” as opposed to printing off a barcode.

If we make the assumption that a couple hundred tickets are in hands of unscrupulous scalpers, what if the vast majority of you who love to attend fetes make a vow NOT to support their behaviour? Then I can sell a couple hundred tickets at the original price and they would be stuck with their tickets. The problem comes if they sell their tickets and then we are over capacity. See the dilemma? I can either sell it at the door, or put the tickets out online tomorrow, or don’t risk overselling and hope those of you who didn’t get their tickets will learn your lesson for next time. There’s no waiting till next week to get tickets for these Toronto traditions. With that being said, I will make a decision today about this. You can always reply to this email and give me your opinion as well.


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